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CTE Data Unlocked

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CTE Data Unlocked: Find it. Understand it. Use it.

Colleges need better information on student outcomes and labor market conditions to inform their CTE programs. CTE Data Unlocked, part of the Chancellor’s Office actions on the Strong Workforce Task Force recommendations, will help colleges find, understand, and use CTE data. By providing tools, training, technical assistance, and funding, CTE Data Unlocked will support the development of regional workforce plans, prepare for $200 million in new CTE funding that will be available in 2017, and strengthen local processes like program review, accreditation, and integrated planning. Download a one-pager and a PowerPoint presentation about CTE Data Unlocked, or listen to a recorded webinar.

CTE Data Unlocked Workshop

Building Awareness

In addition to introductory training provided during Spring 2016, in-depth workshops will be offered during spring 2017. The Chancellor’s Office has also created a library of print and video resources to support colleges in integrating CTE data into college processes such as program review, accreditation, and integrated planning.

Deepening Expertise (Summer 2016)

The Chancellor’s Office has already put in place a network of technical assistance providers to strengthen CTE programs. During 2016, these support providers will be given in-depth training on how to use CTE data tools and labor market information. In addition 20 CTE Data Unlocked Experts will be trained to support college in filling out the local share templates for Strong Workforce Program funding. View this document for Expert assignments by college.

Expanding Regional Data Usage (Fall 2016)

During Fall 2016, colleges will receive support in creating regional workforce plans. A team of data and sector experts will compile reports that provide information on labor market demand and current college programs. Regional Consortia and Sector Navigators will convene a series of meetings with colleges, employers, and other educational partners to discuss the findings and implications for both local and regional action.

Supporting College Data Usage (2016-17)

Colleges that participated in trainings in the spring will be eligible to receive $50,000 in funding and 10 hours of technical assistance to support CTE data usage in fall 2016. Each college will also be given a free year of participation in the CTE Outcomes Survey and three years of participation in the CATEMA System to access more nuanced information about students’ educational and workplace outcomes.

CTE Data Unlocked is a partnership of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office, the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges, California Community Colleges Chief Instructional Officers, the Centers of Excellence, CTE Outcomes Survey/Santa Rosa Junior College, Delta College/Educational Results Partnership/Butte CCD, the Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative, Regional Consortia Chairs, the RP Group, Sector Navigators, and WestEd/Butte CCD.